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Sunday Brunch Family Literacy Program

An innovative literacy program designed to create quality family time with multi-generational students and caregivers.  This program helps to re-connect, rebuild, and get to know more about our families.  Initially created as an opportunity to help with understanding of individual differences with appreciation. A major focus on no place for hate within our families as we seek to embrace one another. Through our “Family Ties: Let’s Get Rooted” literacy project, we focus on helping elementary and middle grade level students strengthen their vocabulary and knowledge of root words, and demonstrate the ability to understand and apply the meaning. As a signature program, student and family participants are better equipped to read and comprehend at higher levels affording them greater opportunities to succeed both academically and in general.

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Project Primetime OST (Out of School Time) Academic Enrichment

An innovative, high quality learning experience that allows students and families to identify areas of academic and career deficiencies that need to be strengthened. The OST program will be supplemented with a one-hour session named "Sunday Brunch", formatted as a focus group for parents to discuss the stressors of virtual learning as they share and learn best practices.


Virtual Summer Bootcamp

A one or two-week summer session designed to virtually engage students to get feedback on how the current school year went, and to get ideas, input, and strategies on how to be successful during the upcoming school year.  This curriculum may include topics such as financial literacy. resiliency techniques, using the environmental eco-system as a tool for coping with stress, recognizing and addressing trauma and its root causes.

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Family Connections & Mentoring

This program facilitates the process of reconnecting formerly incarcerated parents and their children during regularly scheduled sessions. This format promotes family engagement through interactive and motivational activities that focus on communication, education, health and wellness, financial literacy, behavioral health, and overall family support.  The program also provides support of identified needs by connecting youth and families with opportunities for assistance, supportive services, and self-development, job readiness training, academic coaching, education support, awareness, mentoring and counseling.


Additional Programs

Let's Focus (A variety of workshop Topics for caregivers):  Learning how to re-build and strengthen relationships with the youth (children, grandchildren) while adjusting in the role of active parenting.

Gardening for Life (Multi-generation Project): A multi-generational program that teaches families how to eat well, create a tasty meal, and live a long life by using natural herbs, spices, and other alternative ingredients to avoid diseases.  Creating a windowpane garden, a raised garden, recognizing different plants as healthy food options.

It's Okay to Not be Okay (Anti-Bullying Program):  An interactive program that allows students to speak freely about their personal experiences as victims of bullying, while promoting the concept of "I am okay, you're okay", when we understand our differences.

Youth Job Readiness & Empowerment Program: A structured session designed for helping youth to create business plans for career readiness and their personalized areas of interest and gifting.